Educational Platform



Front-end: Vue.js
Back-end: Laravel
Third-party services: PayPal, Stripe, Algolia

A resource for teachers. Offers educational materials, worksheets, books as digital downloads or printed copies. Teachers can create a curriculum (downloadable as pdf) and prepare homework for students, as well as track the statistics of their students.

Main features:

  • Multiple user roles (Teacher / School representative / Admin)
  • Multiple user plans with selectable bonuses
  • Ability to upgrade membership and buy access to additional grades.
  • Statistics on product downloads, user membership types, upsell rates, renewals & upgrade rate
  • Integration with Algolia
  • Integration with Stripe / Paypal
  • Curriculum planner
  • Advanced email campaign system which sends out emails automatically tailored for specific users
  • Shipment calculation for physical products
  • Recurring payments (user subscriptions)