Theatrical Equipment Automation



Front-end: Angular
Functional testing: Cucumber, Protractor
Back-end: Node.js
Other: Unit tests, Continuous Integration (CI), Git Flow

The product provides theaters and other entertainment shows with a turnkey solution for theatrical equipment automation. The system is currently used by a lot of major theaters across the world. It is currently deployed in theaters like:

  • Grand theater Luxembourg
  • Copenhagen opera house
  • Alkmaar theater (Netherlands)
  • Vienne theater

Main features:

  • Allows to pre-program the behavior of stage equipment during a theatrical production
  • Allows multiple operators to work at the same time
  • Works in real-time (data is updated in real-time), and has two working screens
  • It has clearly selectable access using roles and permissions
  • Allows to program the movement of objects in 3D space
  • Full support for multi-touch screens
  • Multi-language (10 languages, including Chinese)
  • Ability to undo the last 10 actions
  • Includes a monitoring system of hardware and configuration errors, as well as a physical activity monitoring system