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Automated Document Processing


SNJ Luxembourg


Digital Transformation




Project Goals

  • Centralization: Consolidate and automate document processing flow across various departments.
  • Data Integrity: Eliminate duplicate and invalid information found in disparate Excel spreadsheets.
  • Real-Time Data Exchange: Enable seamless communication and collaboration between all parties involved.


  • Comprehensive Automation: Facilitated automated document flow, information storage, contract approval process, and regulatory compliance.
  • Ministry Oversight: Streamlined data management for the ministry, including crucial information about contracts, licensing, and venue details.
  • Inspection Scheduling: Efficient scheduling of visits by ministry representatives, with the ability to document results and communicate decisions.


  • Custom Search Engine: Robust search capabilities for venues, contracts, and documents.
  • Online Inspection Planning: An intuitive tool for childcare organization inspections, approval, and disapproval processes.
  • Luxtrust Integration: Secure login with widely recognized digital identity solutions.
  • Multilingual Support: English and French language options.
  • Custom Revisions System: A detailed revision history with restore capabilities.
  • Flexible User Roles & Permissions: Tailored permissions on both role and individual levels.

Technologies and Tools

  • Front End Development: Utilization of the Angular Framework for UI.
  • Automated Functional Testing: Cucumber and Behat for automated testing to ensure stability.
  • Back End Development: PHP Laravel Framework in a serverless environment.
  • Digital Identity Integration: Luxtrust for secure authentication and authorization.