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Custom Booking Solutions
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With over 14 years in software product development, we leverage extensive experience in building vertical-specific booking, scheduling, and business management solutions for service and rental providers. Taking advantage of existing components we have built throughout the years, we help our clients apply their unique business vertical knowledge to build the ideal platform, streamlining their operations.

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1. Analysis

We start with conducting a series of interviews to understand your business and problems that you would like to solve. We analyze existing solutions to identify functionality gaps and improvements.

2. Prototype

In an iterative process, we create a wireframe prototype of the future solution and gather your feedback to make sure it’s tailored to your business vertical.

3. Specification

We refine and formalize requirements and scope, and prepare visual design for the future product.

4. Implementation

A dedicated development team ran by a project manager is assigned to your project to implement it in a highly collaborative agile process, prioritizing frequent value delivery and incorporating feedback.

5. Launch

Starting with an MVP (minimal viable product), you can launch the product to start gathering real world feedback from actual users, and use it as the driver for further development.

6. Support

We provide comprehensive technical support for your product launch and ongoing development, including assistance with presentations, the preparation of collateral materials, hosting, and maintenance.

The impact of their work on my daily operations has been significant. It has saved me a ton of time each week, streamlining processes that were once cumbersome.

Vladimir Shoshon
Managing Director,
Claim Supplement Pro

BeetSoft has provided successful development support, taking on the client’s requests and proactively making recommendations to improve the app. 

Dave McLean
Consortial Technology

Great work, very good communication and team management – it’s good to have more resources in the background. We will definitely continue with our cooperation and finish more projects together.

Peter Meyer
Our Projects.
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Aesthetidocs – Custom Online Booking Platform
Aesthetidocs – Custom Online Booking Platform
Chilled Butter – Custom Online Booking Platform
Chilled Butter – Custom Online Booking Platform
Job Marketplace Platform
Job Marketplace Platform
Information Collection System
Information Collection System
Seamless Integration
Tailored Flexibility

It takes skill and experience to create a product that carefully captures unique business requirements and is flexible and scalable enough to allow for the expansion of the set of features and target audience. We have spent years honing our understanding of the product development lifecycle, getting to know common patterns, potential weak spots, and typical UI solutions.

Sustainable Growth

Existing boilerplate components and modules, continuously tested and polished, allow us to save development time and improve the overall quality of your product. At the same time, keeping the scalability of the architecture in mind and making sure our tools and technologies don’t fall behind the trends ensures your product stays relevant for a long time.

Some of the Features to Set Your Product Apart

Online Booking

Enable instant visibility of availability and immediate bookings, reducing overbooking and enhancing user satisfaction.

Tailored Workflows

Adapt every step of your business processes into a system that aligns with how your team works best, enhancing productivity and reducing bottlenecks.

Staff Management

Centralize all employee data, from scheduling and payroll to performance reviews, enabling efficient management and communication within teams.


Automate appointment and resource scheduling, providing real-time availability and updates to prevent conflicts and maximize utilization.

Inventory Management

Track and manage stock levels, orders, and deliveries in real time, ensuring you always have the right products and materials when you need them.

Integrated CRM

Manage customer data, track interactions, and personalize communications with integrated CRM tools.

Online Payments

Support for various payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe,, Venmo, and many others to accommodate global customers.

POS Integrations

Seamlessly connect your point-of-sale system with other business operations for streamlined sales processing and accurate, consolidated financial reporting.

Notifications & Messaging

Automatic reminders, confirmations, and updates over email and SMS. Integrated messaging interface allowing communications with staff and customers.

Online Video Calls

Facilitate consultations and virtual meetings directly through your booking system, offering personal interaction without the need for physical presence.


Incorporate digital waiver forms into the booking process for activities requiring consent or acknowledgment of terms, streamlining legal compliance and customer onboarding.

Accounting Integrations

Support for popular accounting solutions like Quickbooks.

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