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Information Collection System

info collection system2

Marketing Agency


Marketing campaigns management




Project Goals

  • Takeover: Assume responsibility for development, refine existing work, and release an alpha version.
  • Information Gathering: Create a system to gather essential information about individuals, facilitating targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Integration: Incorporate tools for statistics, aggregation, and email distribution.


  • Successful Transition: Completed the alpha version of the development process started by another company.
  • Information Collection: Built a system capable of collecting diverse data for marketing purposes.
  • Data Aggregation: Integrated aggregators to compile and analyze information from various sources.
  • Email Campaigns: Implemented functionality for email distribution, allowing for targeted marketing.
  • Statistical Insights: Provided statistical tools to monitor and analyze campaign performance.


  • Data Collection: Comprehensive gathering of information on individuals for marketing analysis.
  • Aggregators: Utilizing data aggregators to streamline information from multiple sources.
  • Email Distribution: Capabilities for managing and sending email campaigns.
  • Statistics: Tools for statistical insight into marketing campaign performance.

Technologies and Tools

  • Front End Development: React.js for front-end design.
  • Back End Development: Laravel Framework