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Learning Management System




Learning Management System




Project Goals

  • Integration: Merging two legacy platforms with significant technical debt into a single online portal.
  • Efficiency for Teachers: Providing a central resource to enable more accessible organization and collaboration, thereby reducing organizational overhead and allowing teachers to focus on the curriculum.
  • Engaging Students: Offering a student-oriented interface with features like digital flashcards, online tests, curriculum-based games, worksheets, homework, and video lessons.


  • Success in Objectives: Met all platform goals using modern technologies.
  • Compliance and Efficiency: Implemented additional features to ensure data storage and transmission comply with local ordinances, thus reducing administrative overhead further.


  • Generated Materials: Enabled faculty to produce PDFs at scale for printing.
  • Dynamic Worksheets: Teachers can tailor worksheets by selecting specific topics from all available materials.
  • Curriculum Planner: A visual, interactive calendar for planning and reorganizing upcoming lessons, materials, and tests.
  • Subscription Management: Customizable subscription plans to suit each client-school’s needs.
  • Marketing Automation: In-app email campaign design and distribution to associated users.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensuring compatibility across both desktop and mobile browsers.

Technologies and Tools

  • Front End: Vue.js Framework for the application portal and user interface.
  • Payment Processing: PayPal and Stripe for seamless transaction processing.
  • Back End: PHP Laravel Framework in a serverless environment.
  • Platform Search: Algolia, an AI-powered search framework, allowing comprehensive data querying.