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Logistics Automatization


Digital Grain Elevator


Logistics Automation




Project Goals

Unified Platform: Creating an all-encompassing online platform for effective management and real-time tracking of contracts and transportations within the Ag Coalition.


  • Integrated System: Facilitated collaboration among farmers, drivers, shippers, and carriers, allowing them to establish relationships, sign contracts, plan deliveries, and track statuses.
  • Multiple Components: Comprised of a web portal, a manager mobile app, and a driver mobile app, the platform offers a holistic solution.


  • Web Portal: A managerial hub to create, manage contracts, plan and monitor deliveries, and oversee drivers and vehicles.
  • Driver Mobile App: Equipped with real-time tracking, routing, instant messaging, and notifications for streamlined driver management.
  • Manager Mobile App: Allows planning and monitoring of shipments, drivers, and vehicles, with integrated messaging and notification systems.
  • Account Management Portal: Administrative control for managing subscriptions, billing, company details, users, sites, locations, and vehicles. Enables data integration with the client’s product, DGM.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: In-app tracking for comprehensive monitoring of the driver’s location, speed, route deviations, and ETA, ensuring dynamic delivery planning.
  • Messaging System: An integrated messaging solution across apps and the web portal for seamless communication, document sharing, and collaboration.

Technologies and Tools

  • React.js Development: Front-end development using the React.js Framework.
  • React Native Mobile Apps: Implementation of cross-platform mobile applications with React Native.
  • Back End Development: Utilization of the Nest.js framework and GraphQL for database interaction.
  • Third-Party APIs: Integration of Mapbox for maps and Auth0 for Single Sign-On (SSO).