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Advertisement Campaigns Management

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Marketing campaigns management




Project Goals

  • Takeover: Continue the development process started by another team, refine, and release an alpha version.
  • Flexibility: Enhance the platform to support varying needs and customizations, including publisher-specific mailing lists and payment models.
  • Efficiency Control: Provide users with the means to monitor status, results, and costs, thereby ensuring control over campaign effectiveness.


  • Successful Handover: Completed the alpha version after taking over the project, which was initially based on Zend Framework 2.
  • Campaign Management: Enabled users to manage and gather statistics on marketing campaigns, with authorization capabilities for different representatives.
  • Custom Metrics System: Designed unique metric systems for different user groups.
  • Automated Cost Calculation: Implemented a feature to automatically calculate marketing campaign costs based on payment models and project results.
  • Expansion: Added features to support different mailing lists with specific parameters for each publisher and new payment models based on certain indicators.


  • Campaign Management: Full-fledged control over advertisement campaigns, including tracking and statistics.
  • Authorization Capabilities: Separate authorization for customer and executor representatives.
  • Custom Performance Metrics: Tailored metrics system for various user groups.
  • Automated Costing: Dynamic campaign costing depending on the payment model and project outcomes.
  • Expandable Entities: Support for various mailing lists with specific parameters and flexible payment models.

Technologies and Tools

  • Front End Development: React.js for front-end design.
  • Back End Development: Laravel Framework