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Online Educational Game


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Online Game




Project Goals

Digital Learning Experience: Provide teachers with digital tools to create engaging and interactive educational games to foster learning in various topics and skills.


Collaborative Success: A team of artists, teachers, and developers crafted an interactive platform that combines fun with professional supervision to facilitate learning.


  • Custom Education Process: Teacher-friendly admin area for personalized teaching plans, tests, and tasks transformed into interactive games.
  • Amazon Polly Integration: Pronunciation and spelling instruction via Amazon Polly.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Compatibility with mobile devices and web browsers.
  • Customizable Payment Plans: Flexible subscriptions based on class size and feature availability.
  • Weekly Reports: Regular performance reports sent to parents.
  • Integrated Book Reader: Enhances reading skills with an embedded book reader feature.

Technologies and Tools

  • Front End Development: Angular Framework for the interface, and Cocos3D for game development.
  • Payment Processing: Integration of PayPal and Braintree for seamless transactions.
  • Back End Development: PHP Laravel Framework in a serverless environment.
  • Third-Party APIs: Use of Amazon Polly for voice-over elements in the game.