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Online Order Processing System

Order Processing System

Pizzahut Luxembourg


Order Processing System




Project Overview

Beetsoft developed an online ordering portal for Pizza Hut, aiming to create a unified system for multiple restaurants operating under the franchise. The project’s primary goal was to simplify customer access to pizza and provide direct integration with the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) systems.


The project was successful in establishing a system that allowed store stakeholders to adjust menus, pricing, and special offers without the complications of the legacy POS implementation. Customers can customize their orders online, and once placed, the orders are automatically sent to the store’s POS for fulfillment. The client was thrilled with the results delivered by Beetsoft’s React.js development team.


  1. Online Order Processing: customers can make online orders to pickup or delivery.
  2. Admin Area Customization: Restaurant owners can customize menus at the individual store level.
  3. POS Integration: Seamless integration with the restaurant’s POS system for order fulfillment.
  4. Coupons and Loyalty System: Implementation of an online loyalty program with tracking and benefits.
  5. Combo Menus: A complex combination order system for pricing and bonus items.
  6. Custom Availability Date and Time: Stakeholders can select specific days or times for product availability.
  7. Favorite Orders: Customers can create and save favorite orders to their profile.

Technologies and Tools

  1. React.js Development: The application portal and user interface were built using the React.js Framework.
  2. Automated Functional Testing: Tools like Cucumber and Behat were used for automated testing to ensure stability and minimize manual QA/QC tasks.
  3. Back End Development: Python and Django CMS were utilized for the back end.
  4. Third-Party APIs Integration: Integration with Micros POS, SIX Cetrel Payment Gateway, and Mailchimp.