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Order Processing System


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Order Management System




Project Goals

  • Revamp Existing Platform: Modernize an old, user-unfriendly site with the latest technologies and UX practices.
  • Digital Transformation: Incorporate offline processes into the digital domain.
  • Business Expansion: Introduce new features such as custom promotion campaigns to grow the business.


Focused on two crucial aspects, the new platform was successfully developed:

  1. Portfolio Presentation: A comprehensive showcase of high-quality scratch-off cards for easy customer reference.
  2. Design Collaboration: An efficient design process with several iterations of feedback between the customer and JSI, minimizing unnecessary administrative overhead.


  • Samples Gallery: A vast collection of optimized high-quality renders, enhancing performance and user experience.
  • Order Status Tracking: A user-friendly tool allowing non-technical customers to track order status and provide necessary materials and feedback on interim card designs.
  • Content Management: A versatile content management system to tailor the website’s landing page.
  • Custom Promo Campaigns: Enable creation of branded landing pages for coupon code redemption via scratch-off cards.
  • Daylight CRM Integration: Seamless online ordering integration with the CRM system used by JSI.
  • Live Chat: Enables customers to quickly connect with the JSI team.

Technologies and Tools

  • Front End Development: Utilized React.js Framework for the application portal and user interface.
  • Payment Processing: Implemented for seamless transaction processing.
  • Back End Development: Employed the PHP Laravel Framework in a serverless environment.
  • Business Process Automation: Integrated with Daylight CRM, the tool used by the JSI team in their daily operations.