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Theatrical Equipment Automation


Waagner Biro Stage Systems


Equipment Automation




Project Goals

  • Modernization: Transform a 15-year-old software into version 5 using the latest technology stack and UI/UX design principles.
  • Enhancement: Extend the existing functionality and add cutting-edge features tailored to the industry’s evolving needs.


  • Competitive Analysis: The first stage involved analyzing competitors and migrating existing functionality to an up-to-date technology stack, while elevating the UI/UX design.
  • Feature Addition: Subsequent development focused on building an array of new features. 
  • Global Deployment: CATV5 is in active production and utilized by major theaters worldwide, reflecting its industry-wide acclaim.


  • Machinery Visualization Screen: Real-time control and visualization of machinery involved in shows.
  • Flexible Automation Customization: A robust system allowing precise control over numerous parameters, even simulating actor’s flying moves.
  • Show Programming Automation: Coordinated programming of animations, actions, and effects to create seamless performances. Show chapters facilitate easy management.
  • Configurable System: Adaptable architecture to suit varying theater needs, reducing costs and equipment requirements.
  • Multi-User Environment: Concurrent operation support for multiple users, each controlling specific machinery.
  • Machine Safety Interface: Ensures human safety through sensor-driven mechanical control, preventing hazardous situations.

Technologies and Tools

  • Angular Development: Leveraged the Angular Framework for front-end application portal and UI.
  • Automated Functional Testing: Employed Cucumber and Protractor for comprehensive, automated functional testing.
  • Node.js Development: Utilized Node.js for the back-end architecture.
  • Complex Animations and Visuals: Implemented advanced UI features using PixiJS.